With all of the food and wine combinations out there, finding the perfect pairing can be tricky! Finding your favourite combination really comes down to individual tastes, but if you're just starting out, follow these simple tips for a good food and wine match every time, or better yet, try them all!


1. Drink Light to Dark. 

Generally speaking, lighter wines go with more delicate foods, so a red wine wouldn't normally be served with appetizers or opening courses. Instead, try to serve a white white to match the palette of the meal. Red's are much better served with heavier meals, often reserved for a main meal (like red meats or pastas).


2. Champagne/Sparkling Wine is best paired with Salty foods.

The refreshing qualities of champagne couple perfectly with a salty meal.

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3. White wine works well with seafood and creamy dishes

Really bring out the flavour of your more delicate seafood dishes with a lighter flavoured wine such as Pinot Grigio or the crisp Pinot Gris. Chardonnay will even out a more creamy or heavy seafood meal.

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4. Moscato brings a fruity dish to life

The inherent fresh fruitiness of a nice Moscato makes it perfect for a fruity dish or dessert, as it will bring out the flavours without overwhelming the meal with sweetness.

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5.  Red Wines to match with your mains

- Cabernet Sauvignon is a go-to when serving standalone red meat dishes, like steaks or cutlets.

- Pinot Noir is best served with earthy flavoured meals or strong cheeses.

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