Looking for a creative and fun way to learn about wine with friends, but don't know where to start? Planned properly, a wine tasting party can be both educational and fun!


How many guests?

Anywhere up to 15 people is acceptable, but the ideal number is anywhere between 6 and 10.


How long should the wine tasting take?

Between 1 to 2 hours for the tasting itself, leaving ample time for mingling beforehand and a meal or finger food afterwards.



- Wine of course! Ensure you have enough of each variety for all of your guests. The general rule is around 60ml per wine, or enough for around 12 people per bottle.

- Tasting cards, to describe and record the wines.

- pens and paper

- Wine glasses (one per guest should suffice, depending on the types of wine served)

- Dump bucket, for leftover wines


What food is best to serve?

Traditionally, food would not be served during the tasting segment of the evening as, depending on the flavour of the food, the flavour of the wine may be altered. Appetizers or light finger food is a great idea before tastings, but we recommend meals or heavier courses are served afterward.

Serving bread or dry biscuits and water between tastings is also a must, to cleanse the palette.


Where do I host the party?

Depending on the style of event and how many attendees you have, we recommend an open area with enough standing room for all guests and a display or serving table for the wine and/or food. If the weather is nice, try taking it outside! It's always a great a idea to host the event somewhere where you have access to a sink to wash up and dispose of leftover or unused wine.


What to do?

Encourage your guests to discuss each wine as it it served - look at the colour and clarity, opacity, smell, taste, and the impression the wine left after it was swallowed.


Most importantly, have fun!

  • Sep 27, 2017
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