At what temperature should I store my wine? How long does an open bottle of wine last? We'll explore the answers to these questions below!


1. At What temperature should I store my wine?

Keeping your stored wine cool will help prevent excessive aging and loss of flavour. Around 12 degrees Celsius is preferred for storage, and more importantly a consistent storage temperature is ideal. Try to keep your wine away from sunlight, and dim lightbulbs should be used wherever possible (this will stop the wine from 'cooking').

Storing wine on its side, in a room of about 70% humidity, helps prevent the cork from drying out, to keep the wine properly sealed. Try placing a small pan of water in the room you are storing the wine.


2. How long does an open bottle of wine last?

Once a bottle of wine is open, it reacts with oxygen, which helps the wine's flavour texture and aromas evolve. However, too much oxygen, and the wine can begin to deteriorate. After you have opened a bottle, the safest method is to recork it or reseal it tightly, and refrigerate it. This applies to both white and red wine. But don’t store open wine on its side – it increases the surface area exposed to oxygen. Of course, with red wine, you should take it out of the fridge at least half an hour prior to drinking it - the flavour of a red can be lost when it is cold.

If you have an empty small wine bottle, transferring the remainder to this can make a lot of sense. Due to the minimized surface area, the wine will keep better and longer.

Rules of thumb for open wine:

  • Red Wine:  1-5 days
  • White Wine: 1-3 days at most
  • Sparkling Wine: no more than 1 day
    PS a spoon, silver or otherwise, will not keep your sparkling wine bubbly! Buy a few Sparkling Wine stoppers.
  • Dessert/Fortified wine: 14 days (or more!)
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