Cheese Tortellini & Sage Sauce

Pasta Recipes: Cheese Tortellini & Sage Sauce Recipe

Simple and delicious, this pasta meal will be enjoyed by everyone, and goes well with a crisp Chardonnay such as Hunter Valley 2008. or any of our other superb Chardonnays


  • cheese tortellini (Barilla brand has great packet of small tortellini – maybe "tortellinini" – in the pasta section – not the fridge)
  • olive oil – good stuff of course
  • a tiny blob of butter if you want to be bad
  • handful of small sage leaves – fresh from garden best of course
  • parmesan – freshly shaved from block is best
  • cracked black pepper



  • cook pasta in lots of boiling water
  • heat olive oil (and maybe butter) in frypan on medium heat and gently fry sage leaves until crisp but not black
  • drain pasta and tip into oily mixture
  • crack some pepper
  • serve with lots of parmesan cheese and maybe a fresh sage leaf on top

Serve with a side green salad.

Voila! Delicious.

Thanks to Michelle from Daylesford, Victoria.



We suggest Hunter Valley 2008 Chardonnay , with pleasant stone fruit on the nose and palate, with a hint of oak balancing the full fruit flavours. A very smooth palate with an off-dry finish. Also see these  popular Chardonnays.