Wine and Health

Drinking wine is not only good for the soul, but can also be good for the body under the right circumstances.

We've collected a few interesting articles about wine and health. The overall theme is that, in moderation, drinking wine can have various health advantages, particularly with regard to anti-ageing effects, elasticity of arteries, and the health of your heart.

Lots of research is underway to both identify and isolate some of the compounds that seem to be responsible for beneficial effects, known as phenolic constituents, particularly resveratrol and the flavonoids.

There are even attempts to distill the beneficial compounds into pill form (see below: Wine's Health Benefits Mimicked in a Pill). Frankly, we would much rather continue enjoying the odd glass of wine. Here's to your health!

Drink a good Aussie red and you could live longer

Explains why red wines grown in harsher climates like Australia contain more chemicals that might help people to live longer. Keywords: chemicals, resveratrol, biology of ageing, live longer.

Wine's Health Benefits Mimicked in a Pill

Italian scientists are working on a pill that replicates all the health benefits of drinking a glass of red wine. Keywords: polyphenols, antioxidents, cancer, health benefits of wine.

Wine and Heart Disease

A discussion of "The French Paradox", in which it has been found that regular drinking of wine in parts of France appeared to prevent heart disease normally associated with a cholestorol-heavy diet. Keywords: chronic heart disease, cholestorol, phenolics, prevent heart disease.

Red Wine May Protect Against Breast Cancer

Red wine may do more than reduce the risk of heart disease. The grape skin and seeds appear to hold a natural cancer-fighting chemical, California researchers report. Keywords: breast cancer, grapes, phytochemical, anti-cancer compounds.

New Cholestorol Fighter in Red Wine

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have identified another group of chemicals in red wine that is linked to the ability to lower cholesterol, called saponins. Keywords: cholestorol, saponins, natural wine chemicals, cardio-vascular system.