Red Wine and Food Pairing Recipes

What food goes well with red wine? Pairing red wines with the right recipe can make it taste so much better. See our red wine recipes for ideas on food and wine matching.

Red wine goes with red meat - beef, lamb and even pork.

And it can also be a good partner for fruity desserts - pick a fruity red, or a sparkling shiraz.

 Wine Match
 Beef & Mushroom Casserole  Cabernet Merlot
 Beef & Okra Casserole  Red Wine
 Best Zucchini Fritters Ever 
 Light Red
 Chocolate Cheesecake  Barossa Valley 2007 Merlot 
 Marinated Buffalo Kebabs  Shiraz
 Roast Pork with Honey & Lime   Light Red or Dry White
 Steamed Fruit Pudding   Sparkling Shiraz or Sweet Red 
 More recipes to come...
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